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Select tool - fixed size -snap to image boundaries?

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If I use the Select tool in fixed size mode, I have trouble lining the selection box inside the image boundaries. When I try to copy the selection into a new image, I'm frequently off by a few pixels. eg:


Is their a way to make it easy to snap the selection box to the image boundaries?

selection tool

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The image you attached does not show the working image size in pixels but I suspect that it is 1024 pixels in height. One way is to fine tune your selection with the keyboard arrows keys.

If you want to select the full height of an image and an exact width, a much easier method I use is to enter a larger number of pixels in the fixed mode of the selection tool. Let’s say I have an image 4000 pixels wide and 1024 pixels high and I want to copy a fixed sized selection of 1024*1024. I’d set the selection tool numbers to 1024 pixels in width by (say) 1100 pixels in height. I know I can’t copy more than 1024 pixels in height because my image is 1024 pixels in height and I don’t have to worry about missing a pixel or two when placing my selection.

The same, of course, applies for selecting the full width of an image but with entering a larger number for the width dimension.


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Because your screenshot is cropped and doesn't show the full Paint.NET UI., I can't tell whether this applies.

If the file that you are pasting into is at a zoom level where not all of the canvas is visible,

then the pasted selection may not position itself in the way it did in earlier versions.

Press Ctrl + B before pasting, to avoid this.



Could be it's a bug.

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