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Tutorial Request

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Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum

I was wondering if there was a tutorial about how to create the effect in the image, if there is I would greatly appreciate a link to the tutorial :)




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looking at it, it seems extremely difficult to do without a generator- but consider this..there are only two seperate images here- the blue-white, and a single orange "tree" that has been duplicated and repositioned over and over, and that "tree" is made of one repeated line. if you take that basic line, and a LOT of patience, it should be do-able- gotta leave for work in the next hour, so no time today, but i may give this a shot another time.. no garuntees how well i can do it


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Looks like a Fractalius image.

Fractalius is a PS plugin (which you have to purchase to use). Paint.NET has a plugin which allows PS filters to be used, thanks to @null54, that can be found here, so if you want to purchase Fractalius you can use it with PDN.

@yellowman has a neat method of faking the effect: http://forums.getpai...post__p__313148

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