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Distort Rectangle into Circle

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well as mention above the easiest and quickest way to get the method you need is by adding picture. On the off chance here is another method I sometimes use.

say if your image is 800 x 600

open a new image 225% larger. and get rid of the white background you need to start with transparent layer.

import you picture into this layer. aligned to centre

then use lens at full settings. (not magnifier lens)

this is the same method you would use to do a fisheye picture.

ciao OMA

if these are not what you are looking for you will have to provide much more info. There are ways around things and methods to doing almost anything you need to achieve but each situation and image may pose different ways.

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actually looking now at what you want to achieve with the text you may have some luck (depending on size of text) with using tube oblique plug in.


as I've said many times almost anything is do able in paint.net. most times there is not one set method it all depends on the actual image being manipulated and the desired outcome. Sometimes it takes a few different plugins combined, or a double pass of a plugin.

you've been provided with a few alternatives in this thread and I look forward to viewing the finished project in your personal gallery.

ciao OMA

PS before we had all these lovely plugins I've been known to do something similar using good old polar inversion multiple layers of the same text each a different setting and piecing it together using good old cut and paste method. Thank goodness we now have so many plugins I'd hate to have to explain that method. LOL!

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Am I missing something or will the Bulge effect do just about what @chaosportal wants?

Effects > Distort > Bulge

Edit: less distortion in the middle. Bulge creates more distortion.

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