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Help with scanned sketches?

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Hi everyone, im new here..

i often draw freehand onto a piece of paper and then scan the completed sketch, to change size and clean up sketch lines and then re print...I've recently tried pant.net and i was wondering if there is a tool that cleans up extra sketch lines? as most of my designs are basically tattoo designs, i need to make sure the lines and everything is perfect before taking them to a tattoo artist?

any help would be much appreciated thankyou...

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First you need to remove the lines from the background.

The Alpha Mask plugin does a nice job. If you have it installed you'll find it under Effects > Object > Alpha Mask. Just run it with the Invert Mask checkbox ticked.

There is also the Isolate Lineart plugin, or DPY's Black & Alpha+ (see link to plugin pack below).

Other options might include using the magic wand :MagicWandTool: to select the white background (hold shift down to select ALL white pixels), press delete to remove the white pixels leaving the black lines on their own. There are many methods of achieving this (Grim Color Reaper plugin is one).

Once you have the lines removed from the background, AA's Assistant (found in this plugin pack: dpy's Pack) will help clean the lines up quite well.

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