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Plugin Access Problem

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Hello Everybody,

I'm new to Paint.Net so I'm probably asking a very basic question. Even though I come from an IT background I'm a bit confused about this and lots of other things in here. So I'll just stick to this one for now, in the belief that I'll solve the others myself. (Yeah right!)

I've downloaded some plugins. I've expanded them. I've copied the .dll files to C:\Proram Files\Paint.Net\effects. Well, that should do it shouldn't it? I've read an article in a forum that suggests some plugins do not appear in Effects drop-down menu. Some of these certainly do not. So, please will some kind soul enlighten this idiot on how to access them within the program.

I can't seem to get to grips with Photoshop Elements so I'm having a go with Paint.Net. I think I'm doing quite well really, but don't expect to be seeing any wondrous works of art from me - for a while.

Best regards to all


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Some plugins extend the types of files that can be loaded and saved. We generally call these plugins 'filetypes'.

Filetype plugins should be placed in the /Filetypes folder rather than /Effects (that makes sense when you think about it doesn't it?). These plugins do not show up in the ususal menus. They show up in the filetype dropdown list in the load/save dialogs, allowing you to select the new type of file when loading or saving an image.

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