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Colour reflecting slope

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Hi all!

I have a question about the picture below, which is a cycling stage profile:


As you can see, the 3D background colour reflects slope. Steeper parts are a darker kind of grey than the flat parts.

I would like to create profiles of my own in the same style, with the slope of a portion reflected in its colour, so I was wondering if there is a feature in paint.net that allows me to change the colour of a line according to its slope. Is it possible to draw a line for the mountains etc. in a single colour, and then use some kind of effect or plugin to make the rising sections darkers and the flat parts lighter?

All help is greatly appreciated!


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Starting with a solid gray sloped object.

Duplicate twice.

Use Adjustments > Brightness / Contrast to lighten

the middle layer and to darken the bottom layer.

Apply Gaussian blur, radius 2, to the two lower layers.

Use the Move Selected Pixels tool :MoveTool: with the keyboard arrow keys

to move the lighter layer up 3 pixels, and the darker layer to the left 3 pixels.

Merge the two lower layers and apply the Trail plugin effect.



Settings for blur and layer displacement will vary according to image size.

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