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Bug: Saving wrong place after update in Vista

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I'd almost thought Paint.net had not saved my files until I realised it was something else:

Description: After Paint.net does an update, the installer program relaunches Paint.net. Under Windows Vista with UAC enabled, the installer program was elevated and so have administrator options set on it. Because it launches Paint.net directly, this causes those rights to be transfered to Paint.net.

How to reproduce:

1. Under Windows Vista with a STANDARD USER account, open the previous release of Paint.net.

2. Confirm you want to update when asked by Paint.net.

3. At the end of the download, choose to install, a UAC - prompt for administrator credentials will appear.

4. Select an account on the computer to use and enter the password for that administrator.

5. Go through the installer, update, at the end the installer will reopen Paint.net.

6. Choose to Save the file and choose a user specific location, in my case, I tried to save to my desktop by navigating to the very top of the file tree (the virtual location rather than c:\users\myself\desktop).

7. Close paint.net, file is not on the desktop! However, it is listed in the Recent Items folder of the start menu and clicking that results in the 'missing shortcut' search dialog.

8. Switch user to the admin account that was used to elevate the installer, the files have been saved to its desktop.

Nidonocu C:\>

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Nah, no published list, just report what you find. It helps me know how much others are paying attention, and how much any known issues are affecting people (lot of the same crash report = probably very important to fix ASAP, for example).

To get around this right now just close Paint.NET and then manually relaunch it.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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