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8bf plugins

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I know, this post is really old. But it fits my needs, so I explain here...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8BF ==> some other soft than the one from Adobe uses this format.

Why is it interesting for me? I don't like the idea to install Vista just to read my RAW files.

Adobe Camera Raw is a plugin (8bf file, so) which does this job really fine.

With a a nice GUI, i have everything I need to have only one software to work on my pictures.

For me, it would be a very good feature, but I don't know if the code associated to this feature can be public.

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Had you read the rules, you'd know that necroposting over three months is against the rules. This thread is almost three YEARS old. You've obviously not read the rules; if you haven't by the next time you post, you will be banned.


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