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Paint.NET v3.5.6 and Nero coverdesigner essentials

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I updated to the latest version of paint and have noticed that when I copy and paste part of a photo into Nero cover designer the picture has turned into a series of horizontal lines. If I paste twice in to a word document (why twice) and then copy the image again the image is correct in Nero.

Could somebody explain why and how to correct this please.

As you have to click paste twice into word and affects Nero then it is something to do with paint

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...what I thought was a good application

Yes, because one bug makes a good application into complete and utter garbage. Guess what. All software has bugs. The world just sucks, then, right? And you don't even know for sure (and nor do I) whether the problem lies in Paint.NET or Nero. Could be both.

and more importantly there appears to be no support for word/paint problems.

What does this have to do with Word or Paint? Word is just part of your workaround. Paint is a program that comes with Windows. Your issue is with Paint.NET and Nero Coverdesigner.

I am so terribly sorry that the one developer of this program has not had time in the past 2 days to try to find this Nero Coverdesigner (that is barely mentioned at all on Nero's website) and download the whole Nero suite trial, being required to provide an email address for spam and use a download manager (because obviously a browser can't download things on its own) to try and troubleshoot your issue that adds maybe an extra five seconds to your workflow (and only your workflow, out of the hundreds of thousands of users of this crappy Paint.NET program). SO VERY SORRY.

By the way, congratulations on posting this in the wrong section of the forum - moved to Troubleshooting and Bug Reports


Disclaimer: Sarcasm has a tendency to be distorted over text. I interpreted your post to be dripping with sarcasm, so I composed mine to match. If, in fact, you were not trying to be a sarcastic jerkface, I sincerely apologize for my tone. Otherwise, lose the selfish indignant attitude if you want to get anywhere in life.


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