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Graphics card occasionally crashes?

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Occasionally when I go to do something on PDN, my graphics card will crash, i'll get a blue screen (Cant exactly read it though), and my computer will restart. There isn't any specific thing I'm doing when this occurs, It has ranged from clicking the save button to selecting something. It does not do this EVERY time, sometimes i can use it for weeks, even months without problem, but it has become more frequent lately, to the point where I'm afraid to use it at all now. It has done this 3 times in the last few hours. Does anyone know whats wrong, or how I can go about fixing this?

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If you can't read the BSOD, how are you even sure it's the graphics card? Could be anything.

I can read the first few lines, it said something about the graphics card failing, and that it shut down my computer to preserve data or something like that. If it happens again, I'll try and read it in more depth.

Sounds like it's time to update your graphics card drivers. Or, you have failing hardware.

I have the newest version of my video drivers I am aware of. (258.96) I'll go see if there are any more updates. I hope my hardware isn't failing, because this computer isn't even a year old. If it is, I'm assuming the only way to fix that would be to get a new graphics card?

EDIT: Just updated drivers to 266.58, but I dont think it will do me any good. I looked at what it improves, and it looks like all it does is add 3D support for certain games and applications, and more Open GL support.

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I don't know. This is a Paint.NET forum, not a general computer troubleshooting forum. We don't know the answers, you'll have to find help somewhere else honestly.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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