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Fill from Clipboard

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This simple plugin does what it means to do - fill the layer (or selection) with tiled texture from the clipboard.

The following image illustrates plugin's actions:


If you will place non-image content into clipboard, the selected area \ layer will be filled with emptyness (RGBA:0,0,0,0).

You can use this to erase specific parts of image, without discarding selection.

Plugin .zip in attachement. Contains plugin and a readme.

Have fun.


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There is same plugin under name "Tile Fill From Clipboard"

In you ZIP package, In the PICK only one text file, there is to locations under same name, root and render

I have seen "Tile Fill From Clipboard" plugin, yet I do not know if it works same or not. One had a pretty long startup time (from 3 to 10 seconds), and rather slow rendering speed, so was constantly motivating me to write a better plugin.

Thanks for spotting typo. I'll update the file now.

Why does the menu item start with a exclamation point? Seems like a pretty lame way to force yours to the top of the list.

For this reason multiple versions are included. Only one of these starts with exclamation point (just in case the user tends to work with textures or other material that needs to be tiled, and might want to find this easily).

If FillFromClipboard_eff_render.dll will be picked, plugin will go to Effects/Render/Fill from Clipboard, like this:


Actually, it would be damn pretty good if plugins could be re-organised by either dragging them around in menus, or via a separate item in Utilities.

( because plugins relevance for specific user rarely depends on their title, and you cannot edit one unless you are the author of plugin )


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Please do: pick only one of 4 included dll's. Your choice will determine placement of plugin in menus.

FillFromClipboard_adj_normal - Placed in Adjustments, named 'Fill from Clipboard'

FillFromClipboard_adj_start - Placed in Adjustments, named '! Fill from Clipboard'*

FillFromClipboard_eff_render - Placed in Effects\Render, named 'Fill from Clipboard'

FillFromClipboard_eff_root - Placed in Effects\, named 'Fill from Clipboard'

* This will make the effect stand first in list, so you will be able to apply it by a single click-n-drag

(to do that, press the mouse button on 'Adjustments', then hover over the effect, and release mouse button)

I just don't see the point of supplying four versions if the only difference is menu placement. You just know users are going to grab all four and dump them in the /Effects/ folder (it's what they always do).

This will also make tracking down the plugin problematic...,

User: "I can't find it"

AnotherUser: "It's in Adjustments"

User: "No it's not"

YellowAfterLife: "It may be in one of four locations....,"

Save yourself (and us) the hassle and limit yourself to ONE version.

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