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I use Paint.NET for everything when it comes to images. It has always done everything I wanted to do exceptionally well until today. The only feature I would like to see implemented is the ability to work with icons, specifically to turn a picture into an icon. I know there are free utilities out there to do that for me, but Paint.NET has me spoiled and I don't like working with other software.

Thanks for the amazing software.

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Did you try searching? There's already a plugin for that.

http://searchpaint.net/ search for "icon"

I admit, I did not search. The software is so functional already, always handling everything I had ever wanted to do, that it never even occurred to me that there would be plugins for it. It was naive of me, I know, but it really never occurred to me that anyone would have a need for plugins because I had never before found anything I needed done that it could not do stock. Please forgive my ignorant question and thank you very much for opening up a whole slew of new functionality I never realized I wanted.

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