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Images in Panels or Polyptychs


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Merge all rectangles down, so you have one layer of 5 rectangles in it, and in step 14 it says Duplicate this layer, that means the resulted layer "which has 5 rectangular in it should be duplicated",

Then in step 15 add a new layer in between those two layers of step 14.

Hope its clear

Ok cool! Yes, that's clear yellowman, thanks so much for your help. +1

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Here is my first go.


I did it a little different though once I had made by black squares and flattened the layers I used it as an alpha mask.

<edited to put image back after organising my photobucket albums>

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Heres one of my attempts. Don't fancy background images, so I didn't use one. Didn't follow the tutorial exact, as you can see.


I may go back through and bevel all the squares sometime.

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At last I got around to doing this fabulous tute, for which many thanks Barbieq. It's so well written and easy to follow.

Herewith my attempt. There are so many great ones on here.


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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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Tutes are there for whenever someone has the time or inclination :D 


Welcome to the forum! 


Combining 2 tues is a great way of learning new things. You've done nicely. I can see that you are experimenting & that is the key to growth. Well done!

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Thanks for your tutorial barbieq25.  I now have a new facebook cover image thanks to you.  :D





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Please post your result & any questions as I am happy to help.


Dear barbieq25! It's great. I have had enormous fun. Thank you for the effort. wt7suwk6.gif



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