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Selected layer not highlighted..


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Hello Team,

I have downloaded source code from site and build it using Visual Studio .net 2010 it working fine but

I found one problem at the time of designing image I have added multiple layer in image. when i switch to layer can not come to know which layer currently i am doing changes.

While same thing is working fine with installed installation.

So please help me in which class shall i make changes and what changes would i have to make to get this task done?

I have attached screen shot of both installed version and source code.

Can you help me to do like installed version?


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I dont think you should have the source code, isnt this a closed source project? Seeing as your new i dont think u knew that. But i recommend deleting that bit out. Juse to be on the safe side. As for your question, sureley you can just use the installed version of PDN for it to work?


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Do not ask questions about the source code here, which by the way isn't available anymore partly because I don't want to be bothered with stupid questions like this. I'm not Professor C#, so stop it already.

And shouldn't it be obvious? By the way this is the forum section for PLUGIN DEVELOPMENT. You aren't working on a PLUGIN, therefore why did you post HERE?

Thread Closed

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