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A simpler version of codelab...

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I use codelab...a lot...but I realy don't understand the C+ or whatever it's called that is used to make it.

Could there be a simpler version, where you select a couple of effects and different layer modes etc. to make a working codelab effect or .dll?

This would help me and a lot of other code begginers to make great effects.

Thanks a lot

Zacariem :lol:

They said we couldn't fly.

We did.

Anythings possible!


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Codelab is fairly simple to use right now.

Are you asking for something similar to Codelab that would have its own language that is easier to learn than C#?

I'm fairly certain that *you* learning C# would be much easier than *me* defining and implement a new language interpreter... that you would still have to learn.

Perhaps, if you had specific questions about C# someone here could help you understand it.

Also, if you had an idea for an effect, maybe I could help you code it.

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I have an Idea...

A conditional selection plug in (think conditional Hue/Sat Plug in).

I know we have the Magic Wand, But I think it would be beneficial to select the exact criteria for the selection based on hue, saturation, brightness and so on.....Just a thought.


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I would like to see some type of script engine added to Paint.NET.

Imagine the ability to record/write batch type commands that could be run on multiple images...

Open "BoltBait.jpg"
Select All
Gaussian Blur (2)
Save "BoltBaitBlur.jpg", 95%
Close Current Image


ForEach File matching "c:\batch input\*.jpg"
Open %filename%
Gaussian Blur (2)
Save "c:\batch output\"+%filename%+"Blur", JPG, 95%
Close Current Image
Next File

How cool would that be? :D

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reminds me of nconvert ;)

but this might actually not that much work, though this feature shouldn't reside in the Effects menu and I don't know whether effect plugins can appear anywhere else ;)

Obviously, this would be much bigger than an 'Effect'.

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I actually had a meeting with a guy in the .NET Framework group just yesterday regarding some automation stuff. Stay tuned.

No, I can't say more than that.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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