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noob here, just need a little help

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i am trying to make a logo for some stupid game that i play. it needs to be 16*16 pixels and in a 24 or 32 bit BMP format. changeing the image to 16*16 pixels was really easy! i cant figure out how to make it in BMP format, i believe is JPEG now? maybe? if u could help me out soon as u can it would be awesome. its actually a ying yang and if u could also tell me how to make the outside transparent that would also help lots! i know this is probably small potatos for you guess but im new so help me out please!

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Use magic wand to select the area you want to be transparent (fine tune selection with tolerance slider) & press delete. The transparent area will show up as a grey/white checkerboard pattern.

You won't be able to see transparency with a BMP file though as they don't support transparency. You'll need to save your image as a GIF (limited transparency support) or PNG (full alpha channel transparency supported).

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