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How to reduce image size when cutting into MS Word?

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Hi All. This is a beginner question.

I scan newspaper cuttings (300dpi) and when I 'crop to selection' I hereby Edit->Cut and paste it into a Word document and then save the document.

The problem is when I check the file size of this Word file with the image in it it is huge!

How do you adjust image size quickly before cutting for it to be small in size to email.

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When you cut the image to the Windows clipboard the meta-data is lost. (The 300DPI setting)

Before cutting and pasting, resize the image.

Image > Resize

Set the Resolution to 96.00 pixels/inch

Set the Print Size to whatever size you want to appear in the MS Word document.


This is based on what works with MS WordPad.

MS Word is likely the same.


For reducing file size generally, you can save as JPEG,

and lower the Quality setting in the Save Configuration dialog.


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