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Rotate w/o anti-aliasing

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..Not so hard to code i think

You think? So code it and post it here when you're done boltbait.roll.png

This sort of comment is extremely irritating and demeaning to the developer, Rick. You know nothing about the internals of Paint.Net so don't foolishly assume some new feature is 'not so hard' to implement.

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Ok. Let's address your question/request. You want to rotate a selection/image and have the result aliased (jagged) as opposed to antialiased (smoothed). Yes?

<edit: it's the Quality=Smooth/Pixellated options as Rick & CMD state below>.

If that doesn't work, have a look at this plugin: Alias Plugin, it removes antialiasing.

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There is a Quality option in the toolbar if you rotate via right-clicking with the Move Selected Pixels tool ( :MoveTool: ). Change that from "Smooth" to "Pixelated", and it won't anti-alias the result. You won't be able to rotate to an exact angle via text box as you can with Rotate/Zoom, but you can hold the Shift key to constrain the rotation to 15-degree increments.

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I'll trying it all and realize that i can't rotate the circle in that way without strange determination where pixels must go in. I can not do it in Photoshop and either can not draw by hand, ok maybe to complex shape for me. For simple angle i use ellipse tool. Thx to all

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Smooth = Bilinear resampling

Pixelated = Nearest neighbor <-- what you want. in the toolbar.

You want to not use Rotate/Zoom and instead use Move Selected Pixels, and drag w/ right mouse button for rotation.

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You want an aliased image, so you're going to have problems getting a continuous ellipse when rotating. That's the nature of jagged edges as opposed to smooth (antialiased) edges.

As per my previous post, try Alias plugin following the rotation of an antialiased ellipse. With the plugin you can control the amount of antialiasing to keep a continuous edge.


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