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Help Cutting Image

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Can anyone help me? I'll try to be as clear as possible.

I have 95 images at 720x240

I want to take just a small part of each image but the same part of all the 95 images. For exemple:

Image 01:


Image 02:


I can do it manually but it will take thousand of years. Can I automatically cut all the 95 images with one click?

Thank you very much!

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Your images were too large. Please restrict the size of posted images to less than 800pixels at their largest dimension (Rule #29). Thanks.

(I've replaced the images with links for you).

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It is impossible to do that in one click with PDN, however, there are some other application could do that.!

If you would like to do that in PDN in few steps, then do this:

Plugin needed:Layers Saver

Make sure all your frames (pictures) have same dimensions. This plugin is a stand alone application, you can use it even if PDN is closed.

1-Put all your frames in one folder, in your PC.

2-Open PDN, File > new fill the Width and height with your frames dimensions, click ok

3-Layers > Import From File, use this dialog window to find your frames, select them all and click open, PDN will open all pictures as layers, Delete the last (bottom) layer (which is white by default)

4-Make the selection on the part that you want using Rectangle Select tool :RectangleSelectTool: and Crop To Selection :Crop: : Image > Crop TO Selection.

5-Save As Paint.NET(*.pdn) file type.

Now run Layer Saver application:

-In the File put Your PDN file that you saved in step 5

-In the Folder put the name of your destination folder, for better result create a new folder on your desktop and use it as the destination folder so you don't lose your originals.

-In File name, choose how your photos to be named, if you choose Layer name then your saved files will have same names as you original photos

-In Image format, Choose what format you want, PNG, jpg, gif....etc

-Set the quality as needed

Click Save, and you are done.


They look long steps, but you can do all that in 5 Minutes or less

EDIT: I forgot to mention if your pictures are huge, then make sure you have enough memory in your machine :), If that is the problem the do the work in two or more steps, like 20-30 photos every time.

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