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Looping gif files

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I am probably getting this wrong, and have missed something, but would like to ask about how I

set up the .gif files I create, to not loop again at all..

They always loop twice using the setting of 1..... ie the file loads and runs as it would, then loops once more...

In the initial settings dialogue area, at the time of saving the agif file, it says 'Repeat (0 to loop)'

Setting to '0' gets it to loop continuously, the setting of 1 makes it repeat 'once' ON TOP

of the initial framesets displaying as it runs the first time. Therefore in effect, looping TWICE!

I ask, how do I get the final gif file to NOT LOOP AGAIN AT ALL, and only running ONCE through the framesets it contains when

it loads ?

I expect I have missed something here, as I usually do.... But would a setting of '0' = 'loop continuously' seems odd, I would have

thought a loop setting of 0 would mean 'it doesn't loop at all'.

Maybe :-)

Thankyou for any help, PaintNet is indeed a wonderful program



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i assume you are usingthe plugin for PDN to make your animated gif(which i have never used), and this may be more work than you want to tackle- there is a free program call Unfreez that is purely for making them, and all you have to do is uncheck the box for Loop animation. However, it would mean saving each frame as a seperate gif image and then drag and drop them(in order) into the unfreez box- its simple to use, but resaving all those files and keeping them in order can be a hassle


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Thankyou very much for that, I shall have a look. But to be honest, I don't really want to install software just to generate

a gif file that doesn't loop.

I make all my agif files with PaintNet, and some are not needed to loop again, just running once...

If the agif created in PaintNet could be allowed to do that, it would be great

I must say though. PaintNet is an unbelievably good program, and a huge ammount of work has gone into it

and all the plugins that are available from you all.

I use specific things most of the time and its a real workhorse from that point of view.

The animated gif plugin is so simple to use, and maybe at sometime in the future

it will be able to make an agif that doesn't loop

Thanks for your help with it



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