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This won't be up long because the forum adminstrator loaths any criticism and will remove it and me from this forum, which probably explains why I am finding so much that is lacking with this program: The adminstrator thinks it and he is perfect and above criticism. These are just a few and the latest of my discoveries of PND's vast shortcomings that are unecessary for want of programming that is based on useablitity instead of egos and Paint Shop. It is a in the form of an email to the person who introduced me to PDN:"PDN is really cumbersome and I have to go back to DIP a lot. I can't tile a textrure worth bloody potato in PDN because once I set the last one and go to the next, the rest of them are locked forever and can't be moved. I finally went back to DIP to do that. Plus I am wanting a line tool in eraser mode and it doesn't have that. Then I'm trying to section an opacity and and switch the order of the sections, merging the two on the ends together in the middle and I can't do that because: a) when I save to png which DIP can handle, PDN flattens it but DIP saves layered pngs. and boltbait.cool.png I can't move <No cursing.> around on the canvas with pdn. I finally sectioned it with DIP and went back to pdn to merge the two I want and couldn't do it because when I import the second file, the first one becomes the entire canvas. Then I can move the second one into place and switch it to forground or behind, but I can't the first one. Al I can do with it is move it aside like a window blind (collapse it). If I know layers and how they work and can't do this, then there is something wrong with the program. Plus the rotate feature is awkward and very hard to use with precision and I'm copying this letter and making a new registration and posting this in their stupid forums."

Also, I keep running into another annoying shortcoming: I can't lock layers so I don't accidentally move them. If a layer lock feature is in PDN, I haven't found it yet and if that is the case, then it's yet another example of this program being built for egos and not users. In DIP for example, I found the lock feature and other basic tool before I knew I needed them because they are right at my fingertips. So when I learned more and needed them, I knew where to find them.

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Instead of complaining what it doesnt have, suggest what you want to have. You seem like a grumpy person from what iv read, and if youve found some bad points about paint.net, help us help you, ask about other ways to get what you are trying to do, and suggest easier options. If your so desperate to have an option no-one seems neccesary, see if a plugin dev would be willing to help you, or code one yourself. Im sure that many of your problems can be solved quite easily. Just needs a little thought.

And dont have a go at the dev or admins like that. They try to make PDN better and its forums better, and they are doing a good job. They dont want to be rewarded with this. theyd much rather moderate your ideas and suggestions, taking note of whats good and giving constuctive critisism instead of sorting out rants like this.

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Constructive criticism is fine. Snooty, childish elitism is just annoying. If you need features which aren't in Paint.NET you can either 1) go find/use/purchase software that does have those features, 2) write your own damn program. I don't have to defend anything to you.

You were already banned once. Don't come back.

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