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Cant install Paint .net


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Hi all,

I downloaded the paint.net from the site and all i got was the framework client profile which took ages to install.

I searched my com for an install icon but to no avail.

I searched you tube and I received nothing like I viewed.

I then registered with the forom and was advised to go to Microsoft and download the net framework.

This had a error also.

Can anyone help?


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I have been through this forum, and also searched through the net. I am disappointed to say that i will have to give this a miss and wipe it completely from my computer.

I did have the net.fram,

e installed and went to Microsoft to upgrade to the 4.

There is no way this will install on my computer, I did post for help, today the post had received 44 views but no answer.

It is a shame but

Bye Bye from me

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Topics merged.

You wanted an answer and you didn't tell us what OS you're using or what error message you were receiving.

It sounds like english is not your first language so maybe you should slow down and simply restate your problem.

Tell us:

What operating system are you using?

If you're using XP or Vista, what Service Pack is installed?

What version of the .Net framework is installed?

What is the error you are receiving when you attempt installation?

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