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Error Trying To Load .psd File


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I'm trying to use PDN to open a file from Eaglesoft to repaint their aircraft for Flight Simulator. The file is named ESDG_X_fuse1.psd. When I try to open it in PDN, I get a Paint.NET error message that says, "There was an unspecified error while opning the file." It opens fine in another paint program I have, but that program isn't a good enough program to do the paint I want to do. Your's is, but I can't get past this error message. Am I doing something wrong or do I need some kind of plug-in or what? Help!

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Okay. That was just to check that the plugin had installed correctly.

Previously there has been a problem opening an aircraft repainting file

because of the file being large and multi-layered.

There was not a large enough contiguous memory block to open the file.

If you close all other unneeded programs that are using memory and/or

add memory to your computer, it may (or might not) allow the file to open.

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