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Q: How do I Flip a Selected Region?

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Is there a tool out there already that allows me to Flip (Horizontal or Vertical) a selection?

I'm sitting here trying to "photoshop" a picture of a car and take out a dog that is covering one half of the wheel.

From what I can see, I have to create a duplicate layer, Flip the entire layer, select the region of the wheel that is not covered by Muttley, copy it, and paste that into the original layer.

That's possible, but tedious!

Does a tool already exist that does this? If not, can it be added to the requested features?

Through the various editions of Paint.NET, I've often found myself going up to the Edit menu (logical spot) then other menus to see if it has been added yet. If it is there, I don't know what it's called.




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