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Adjusting colour levels

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This is a long shot: I purchased a HP Photosmart CN503B printer yesterday to replace my Photosmart C5180. The Photo Printing Wizard for the C5180 allowed me to alter the individual colour levels and brightness through the 'Features' or 'Advanced' tab (I cannot remember which) in 'Printing Preferences'. This was most useful, because I typically reduced the magenta and yellow by 10% and increased the brightness similarly for best results. I cannot see that I have that option through the software for this latest model. In the absence of this facility, is there any way in which Paint.NET can assist, or does anyone know of another solution?

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You can do Brightness and Contrast, and i belive Curves does what you ask for, but im sure that PDN will have your required feature in the adjustments tab, once you get some plugins, the list gets quite extensive.


Editing the Hue and Saturation with colour balence is what you are asking for i think :)

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I thank you very much for your informative response. I looked at the various 'Color' Plugins. I have downloaded two so far - 'Color Balance+' and 'Color Mixer'. I do believe a solution to my requirement can be found in one of the Plugins on offer. I tend to forget they exist. I am very grateful.

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