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need a complete tutorial for plugins

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Dear Admin,

I am very new to Paint.net and looking for a complete pdf tutorial for using all the useful plugins posted by various author's/publishers like boltbait and madjik's and all wellwisher's of paint.net...

Its very difficult to look for each plugin post to learn how to use those plugins ----

Kindly take some initiative and if there is any such tutorial compiled in PDF.. pls lemme know...

I love Paint.net and wanna learn most of it..

Thank you

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First, please DON'T SHOUT. It's quite rude, and against the rules.

Next, the Tutorials section of the forum is for sharing tutorials you've written.

Moved to General Discussion & Questions

Finally, there is no such tutorial, and even if there was it would quickly become out-of-date and unhelpful. It's not very difficult to find the plugin's thread on the forum, thanks to the built-in forum search as well as http://searchpaint.net/. In most cases you should also be able to figure out how to use a plugin just by trying it out.


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