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Make cool abstracts


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


Make cool abstracts Using 3D Object plugin.

Good for Backgrounds

Plugins needed:

3D Object by evanolds

1- Open new file 800 x 600 pix, note that bigger canvas better quality.

2- Make a gradient as desired:


3- Open 3D Object plugin, select Graph type, and type your equation in the Equation bar, then rotate the up left cube and play with the View Distance till you satisfied with your shape:


Type exactly these examples of equations to get the corresponding shape of each one:





You can combine two or more shapes and play with the blend mode and colors to create more complex images.

Enjoy, show what you can come up with.


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I did this tutorial and all was going well until I added some color to the spiny urchin. Before I knew it,it was turned into the table and yellowman's other tutorial took over,lol. I'll try again when the glass orb one isn't so fresh on my mind,lol. At least the table was made out of the first design he has up there and the other tutorial was his too,lol.     ;)



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