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Lag with Paint.NET v3.5.6

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First off, I am working on Windows 7. I have been using Paint.NET for about two years now and think it's a great program, especially as a free alternative to PSP.

However, at the end of last year did the upgrade to Paint.NET v3.5.6. Ever since thenn I've been getting horrendous lag on everryting I do. Even ater I close the program down, like there''s still something running in the background. At first I thought I had downloaded a virus. I ran all of my Anti-Virus prgorams and they came up clean. I still had the lag so I did a System Restore and did a restore back to a week prior to installing Paint.NET v3.5.6. That fixed the lag problem. At this time I didn't know that it was PaintNet that was causing the problem, so I did the upgrade again. As soon as it downloaded and I started using the program again the lag came back. I had to turn off my computer and restart it just for the lag to disappear.

I still didn't know it was PaintNet so I was on my computer today and started the program and right away the lag comes. It causes a delay in my keyboard (letters don't come up or come up twice, it will double space if I just hit once). If I restart my PC it will likely go back to normal.

But there is something in Paint.NET v3.5.6 that is causing a lag, especially with my keyboard. I've never had any problms with PaintNet even the last update was working fine. Any ideas? I tried doing a search for "lag" but came up with no results.

Thank you.

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You have 1Gb memory and a 32-bit OS. These are probably your bottlenecks.

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