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Clone brush

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I just discovered paint.net and I had 2 questions I'm hoping someone could help me with.

1. Cone Brush - If I have 2 pictures side by side, how can I use the clone brush to provided a starting point for the picture on the left and have the target (end result) be painted in the picture on the right ? Of course , cloning from within a single image is trivial but haven't found a way to clone between 2 images. This is a key feature I like in Photoshop and Elements (e.g. can clone from one pic to another).

2. Is there a way to 'duplicate' an image I'm working on ? In photoshop and elements, there's a 'Duplicate' item which sits off the menu where it'll create a newly (duplicated) image,



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1 -

You can't Clone Stamp from one file to another.

Import the layer you want to clone from into the file that you want to clone to.

2 -

Save and name the file you are working on (but don't close it).

Then open the file as a second instance of itself, and save with a different name.

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Very cool. Thanks for the quick response.

One last question if you have a second.

Regarding your response to #1. Once I start cloning, is there a way to set the opacity of the clone brush ? I've looked but can't find where it might be located. I see where I can change the opacity of a layer, but not the brush itself.

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