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Piixel Pollution from change color

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I make simple drawing then I outline them. Say a kayaker that has black lines running through it here and there. When I change the internal colors > "shift" "paint bucket" I always get left over pixel pollution along the edge with the old color.

Is there any tricks that would prevent this or make it easy to fix?

Is there a name for this issue?

I have downloaded a number of plug ins (thank you) that I am slowly learning to use.

I tried to search through the forum for others with this same issue ... but haven't located a answer and it's driving me nuts!

Thank you for your help and patience. Cheers!

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If you are selecting the area whose colours you are inverting, what you are seeing might be the outline of your selection. Press enter or deselect (ctrl+d) to get rid of it.

E: you should post a picture if it happens again.

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there are other ways to colour something than bucket fill

curves, contditional hue/sat, color filter, etc that wont leave that 'polution' you speak of-- also AA's assistant can help fade the extra color in


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