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Dramatic Fire Text


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I have tried both Mixgoom's and MJW's methods and not only on text. I'm aware I probably need to work more on the details, but I think my preliminary tests are approximately acceptable. I believe the combination of Furblur and Dents provides more realism to either chosen method. Follows what I did.


With Mixgoom's method, plus some Furblur and Dents:




With MJW's method:



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@LoudSilence - I think they're fine. And the colored smoke behind them looks fine - adding pyro touch to the silhouettes.


It's interesting to see how a text effect thread is becoming a Birdland... 🐦🦆


@Maximilian - belated WOW (haven't seen yours) and may I join @lynxster4 who tells you to start a gallery. ;)




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my gallery is  here


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6 hours ago, Maximilian said:

I keep considering starting a gallery as soon as possible


Nag # 'I lost count'....:lol:    Do it!....<3


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omg, its been over a decade since i made this tut and i totally forgot about it right after posting it! absolutely loooooove everyone's responses! shout out to @Ella@MJWand WOW @Maximilian@LoudSilencei really love what you've done with the tut and the birbs <3


also HUGE shout out to @ReMakefor saving the post there's no way i would have still had the original images!


randomly seeing this thread all these years later has made my day <3<3<3 

BONUS: i decided to follow my tutorial for old times sake and felt like adding an extra layer of black text with a highlight to give in an almost action-movie vibe :)


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