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General Quastions to function expansion by you

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Hello form Germany

I use PDN very often, and sometimes i miss a function, but i cant code :( This will be:

- Auto-save every xx minutes or xx used functions (as *.pdn for example)

.... (after 1 hr. i don't know exactly what i have done, but in Saving Process or other functions (e.g. File-compositions >64 MP) PDN Crashes :-(

.... is it possible to save the Picture, when PDN-Extension or a function is crashed? ... auto-save to MyPicures, or so?

- why i can't open Pictures larger then 64MP ?

.... sometimes i take a 360° Picture (Combine come single Pics to one large Picture) with "Hugin" (http://hugin.sourceforge.net) and its simple to create Pictures >100MP!

... (i need this Resolution to print it at 2x10ft. e.g.)

excuse me please for some "bad English" parts and thanks for your help.

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