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Save as gif

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I have want to save as gif.

But what does transparency threshold mean ?

I have loaded a gif in and copy and pasted from a other gif. That means I can get away with no dither right?

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tarat- those are for animated gifs- agif --not all gifs are- just saying- gif is one of the optional save formats we have

Wikipedia had the best answer i could find on the next one"A transparency threshold is a term used to describe a given value at which transparency is reached. It is commonly used to describe compressed data bitrates. For example, the transparency threshold for .MP3 to .WAV audio is said to be around 192kbs 44.1 kHz MP3. This means that when MP3 is playing back at 192kbs 44.1 kHz it is indistinguishable from the original WAV, and transparent to compression."

as for the dithering- no you should not need it if your working with pre-created digital art-

dithering can mean a LOT of different things depending on the context its used so i wont go into a full blown explanation - but with graphics the most common use is to "fake" extra colours and shades in a low colour pallette application- a photograph generally has thousands if not millions of different colours-it would be hard pressed for a graphics program to match that- so, for an example, if you wanted to convet that picture into "oil painting" it could leave a very distict "posterized" effect behind-225px-Dithering_example_undithered.png225px-Dithering_example_undithered_web_palette.png. - dithering would help eliminate that

note: oilpainting was not used on the cat photo- it was just an example of a conversion that you could do

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That's not what transparency threshold means in this context. Paint.NET supports a full range of transparency or alpha values for each pixel, but GIF allows only 2 (opaque and transparent). The transparency threshold decides at what point in that range the split is made. That is, "pixels less transparent than this threshold value become completely opaque, and pixels more transparent than it become completely transparent."


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