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VERY new question- layers

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I have been working for about an hour on paint. I can't figure out how to combined the layers. I did a good tutorial and read all about layers on the help, and have searched help too. I can't find where is the button to put it all together to see the finished product of your layers?

TIA!! Hope this isn't too dense of me.

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I am starting to think I am too dumb for using layers. It is odd because I quit using it back in 2008 for this reason and still can't figure it out!

I couldn't get it to work after doing ctrl shift F. Any other specifics? I really need to make some tweaks to my logo.

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I am basically importing two pictures and I want to layer them. Maybe I am acquiring them wrong for layering. I just went to File> Open and chose one, then did the same thing for the other and they are sitting up there on the right separately and so should I actually choose "New layer" and then somehow open up a picture on the new layer page? How do I bring in a picture off my computer as a new layer?

Because the way it is currently, it's not having the option to merge them.

Thanks again for anyone's patience who is reading this.

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for that you would have to open both files- as you have done- then select which pic you want on the top layer- use a selection tool- magic wand set at 100% tollerance would do nicely- and select the whole picture, copy the pic- Ctrl-c ,, then go to the other picture- in the layers window -add a new layer, paste the copied pic into the new layer, Ctrl-v- and Bada-bing you have started your first layer work

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SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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