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Rotate Image Help

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I've looked and cannot find a solution to an image rotation issue I'm seeing and I know it has to be easy!

I have an image that is 500 pixels wide by 25 pixels high. I am trying to rotate it 45 degrees and when I do this the only viewable area is still the 500 x 25 box. In Photoshop when I resize it changes the viewable area to a square shape to fit the new rotated image look. What am I doing wrong? TIA.

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This will work for a one layer image.

Duplicate the layer.


Image > Canvas Size

Maintain Aspect Ratio - No checkmark

Width and Height - 500 pixels

Anchor - Middle



Delete the bottom layer

Rotate the layer content:

Ctrl + A

With Shift key down, use the Move Selected Pixels tool with right mouse-button.

Three increments of rotation will be 45 degrees.

Using the Magic Wand at zero tolerance, click the alpha near the canvas edge.

Invert the selection:

Ctrl + i

Crop to selection

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