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Copy a selection and paste it after cropping

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First of all, thanks Rick for the great work.

I just have a minor problem with the new v3.5.6 regarding the copying and pasting a selection after cropping an image.

I am not pretty sure how and when this happen, but I will explain only a part of the problem it happens with me every time when doing these steps;

This with viewing the whole image, not zoomed in.

-Open an image

-Crop it, " some from top or/and bottom " this doesn't happen when cropping from sides

-Make a selection and paste it, if the selection is inside the cropped area (not exceeding beyond the borders)then when paste it will paste correctly in same place, but if you make the selection goes beyond the bottom edge, then when paste it it will locate in the top left corner.


Is it possible to have an option as "Paste In Place"?

Windows 7 home premium, 64-bit

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