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Brass Screw Head


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I only realized after posting this tutorial that there already exists a tutorial to make a screw head. :-(

This is however a more specific type of screw head and the methodology is different!

1. Open up a new image (400 x 400 pixels)

2. Create a new transparent layer.

3. While holding down the shift key, draw an ellipse with the "Ellipse Select" tool. Fill it with a radial gradient (primary 808080 secondary 000000)


4. Cntrl-D to deselect and apply Noise à Add noise at below settings:


5. Effects, choose objects align and “centre both”.

6. Create a new layer and draw a rectangle with fill color 404040 (as per below):


7. With the rectangle selected, apply bevel at a depth of 10 and at 65 strength.

8. Duplicate the layer, flip it horizontally and set the layer properties to Additive and merge it down.

9. Now repeat step 5 for the rectangle layer (the below image is what you should have to date).


10. Go back to the first layer and select the outside of the screw head with the magic wand. Once selected make the rectangle layer your work layer and delete the selection.

11. Merge layer down and select “AA’s assistant” and drag all bars to the end (in a right direction).


12. Open up the curves dialogue box and select RGB as the Transfer Map. Deselect blue and drag the control point to position 100,237

13. Apply drop shadow with widening radius set to 3 and blur radius set to 5... the rest at default.

14. (optional) resize image to 200x200.

End result:


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