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Limiting Number of Colors in a Picture

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Hi, I am pretty new to this, but I was wondering if there is a plug-in for something... I have some logos that only have a few colors, but there are many shades of that color. For example, I have a purple logo that appears to look only one shade of purple, but the borders of the image have a few different shades of purple. What I want to do it turn all of these shades of purple into just one simple purple. I believe there might be something like "Selective Palette" that I was reading about, but I am not sure how to find this. Thanks for your help!

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Selective Palette is part of Curtis' Plugin Pack

You might also want to try Threshold in Ed Harvey's set or Posterize which is built-in to Paint.NET.

For finding things on this forum in the future, there's a handy little search bar up top, and there's also http://searchpaint.net

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