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Excel in Paint.Net

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I'm referring to Paint.Net as software package on designing paper models. In order to compute distances (lengths) out of Paint.Net's coördinates

I used a tiny piece of Excel worksheet, called lengths and scales in PAINT.NET, which can be downloaded like it is from this very link over here.

I prefer however the .xls scheme integrated within the explanatory text of the page as a kind of interactive picture.

Is there a possibility ?

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Thx. firekid fugue.cookie.png that's what I thought. Could have been nice, but a link in a seperate window should do the trick.

Have placed an exra explanatory screendump of such a 'computation'.

By the way. I'm still worried about the difference of my 'bouwplaat' in IE in comparison with Chrome.

Have you any idea ??



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