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Petition for Pressure Sensitivity Tablet Support

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I know this is a major feat to accomplish, but I would like Rick and all of the other developers to see there is a community who want pressure sensitivity back.

I would like to start this. I do not want this to get out of hand so please be polite.



I sign 1st :P

1. The_Cre8r

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I have heard that this actually was a feature that got removed later, so it looks like it is in the works already, just getting bugs worked out...


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Tablet pressure sensitivity -- This was removed in v3.5. I'm hoping to add it back in, possibly via a plugin, but I do not have an ETA.

Alas, there was a supermarket sale here that had a pretty good tablet. i got one myself and was pretty speechless when i realized it wasnt working in pdn. jumped on here, made a thread, got it deleted because i didnt check.

many people will want to have this. its quite important i think.

but arguing you want it back doesnt help it or the devs at all.

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I appreciate the enthusiasm. However, a petition isn't going to help (or hinder, mind you) things.

The current idea is that this would not be a feature in v4, however it would be possible to write an "input device plugin" to provide it. Then in v4.x it might be rolled in as a built-in feature. This is not a promise, mind you.

Thread Closed

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