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Total beginner

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Hi all, i'm really a total novice at using Paint. Net, but have made some things and have been experimenting a lot.

I read about BoltBait's plug in pack and tried to download it, it didn't download properly on to my PC. On the instructions for downloading it gives you a number of steps, when i go to download i don't get those options coming up. All i get is the option to start the download and then i get the little icon on the bottom right of my screen telling me the percentage download.

On the instructions it says that you get the screen opening and it asks you the typical; do you want to run this file? i don't get that coming up, just the stuff i told you about earlier.

I wanted to use the feather plug in that's in the pack to smooth out the rough edges on some pics that i've cut out etc.

If anyone can give me some advice i'd be grateful, basically when you go in to download the pack, boltbait shows you a number of steps to take to do the download and to get the plug in's on to your system but when i hit that button to download, all i get is a small screen coming up with the option to download, i don't get the bit about saving a file or running the program.

Hope this makes sense.

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Ignore those missing steps. Let your PC download the way it will.

Once the download is complete, double-click the zip to open it.

Copy Feather.dll, then paste it into the Effects folder.


"C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects"

Thanks very much for your quick reply Sarkut, i'll go ahead and give this a try.

Thank you and merry Christmas to you.

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