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bit depth and file size problems with tga

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I need to output .tga files 800x600 16bit colour and end up with a file size of 938KB - and I can't find a way of doing it - I'd welcome any hints.

I can import just such a .tga and SaveAs - but I can't find an option to make the right file-size.

Is this linked to a minimum 24bit depth or similar?

If it's just not possible then so be it - but what a shame because PdN is just brilliant even for a light-user like me.

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Please excuse Bumping this thread: I'll attach an existing 800x600 16bit file (938KB) zipped to 2K.

I'd like to modify it and save it AND keep the filesize at 938KB.

Every time I try, PdN saves the file with size 1407KB - what do I need to do or set in the Save dialog?

Again, I'll welcome any hints (I'm guessing that it is a default 24bit or something like that).

(I'll launch this and leggit to the pub so please forgive delayed or deluded responses later)


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