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Cant fin eclipse tool.

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No there is no crescent/eclipse tool. You can easily create a crescent by using the Ellipse Selection Tool :EllipseSelectTool: .

Here's how:

1. Select the Ellipse Selection tool and draw an ellipse on your canvas.

2. Change the Ellipse Selection tools Selection Mode to Subtract (it's in the the toolbar).

3. Draw another ellipse, the overlapping parts will be erased when you stop holding the mouse button down (the overlapping areas appear white, the non-overlapping areas remain blue when you're drawing the second ellipse).

4. Select the paint bucket tool :PaintBucket: , and fill the crescent with the primary color. The edges might need tidying up.

Oh and remember to switch the Selection Mode on the Ellipse Selection Tool :EllipseSelectTool: back to Replace when you're done or the tool won't work as you're used to ;)

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Thank you, thank you, thank you -

I was following Expiration's tut on interface orbs yesterday and he (she?) has 2 crescent shaped shadows in the design using the ellipse select tool in subtract mode but I was unaware that it was a 2-stage process. Mea culpa.


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