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Writing on Notebook Paper


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Ok, So I had PDN since like 2009 and never posted any tutorials.

I made a picture yesterday which I realized looked like real pen writing on notebook paper, so I decided I should make a tutorial.

I wasn't sure if this should go with the newbie tutorials since its not complicated or with text tutorials since it has to do with text.

1. Open a picture of notebook paper.


2. Rectangle Select and select a section of the notebook paper


3. Go to Image and click Crop to Selection


4. Add a new layer


5. On the new layer, Use Text and choose a font that looks like it could use as a pen or pencil. For example, I used Segoe Script. (You may have to download fonts.) Make sure the font is big enough to fit onto a line of the Notebook Paper.


6. Use Gradient. Change to Radial, and switch to Transparency Mode.


7. With Gradient, start in the middle then pull out until the corners of the text is a little transparent.



Add New Layer, Set the new layer to Multiply.(or Additive, if you want) Then, use Gradient Mapping (needs to be downloaded) Start with default settings, then add new color in the middle and make it 0 for Transparency. Change the offset until you get the color you want. Flatten Image.


If you want to add a picture.Open a picture you want.(Instead of Importing, since it might ruin the picture.) On the new picture, click ctrl+A then ctrl+C. This selects the whole picture and copies it. Go back to other picture. Add New Layer. Move the new layer down. Set the top layer to Multiply. Flatten Image.


**Final Images**



With Gradient Mapping


With Picture


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