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[question] How to tilt, rotate & reflect an image?

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I saw this picture on a website: http://img574.imageshack.us/img574/1949/screenwb.jpg

Does anyone know how to made this in Paint.net? (the webpages on the right). Not the box but only the placement of the sites). I also make websites and I want to show them on my personal website like this picture above.

Is there a kind of tutorial for? (or something similar)


(I hope my english is clear enough. I'm from the Netherlands and am only 15)

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Hey Kermisfreak1000,

Okay, first of all create your background and if you're finished, create a new layer.

Now paste your first screenshot of a site on this new layer. Use Layers -> Rotate / Zoom with Twist Angle -180, Twist Radius ~ 20, Zoom ~ 0,50 and move the image leftwards via Pan. Dublicate this layer and select the moved layer via Magic Wand, expand the selection downwards. Now run Wet Floor Reflection. (You may reduce the opacity of this layer or use liner gradient tool with transparant mode.

Repeat this for the second, third etc. website but remember to toogle with the Twist Radius, Pan and Zoom.

To give the screenshots the final touch use Feather to make a smooth crossing.

This is my cvreation with this way (but I forgot to use feather ;) ):


Thank you very much!! Amazing!

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Hi Kermisfreak1000,

You'll note that I've made some changes to your thread.

First I've edited the thread title to conform to Rule #6. Thread titles must be descriptive, "How to make this?" is too generic to be useful.

Second, I've replaced your image with a link. This is because the image was oversize (Rule #29). 800 pixels is the maximum dimension allowed.

Enjoy your time here on the forum.

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