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Removing Grid Overlay Embedded in Image?

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First time poster, and I'd appreciate help. I've only had PAINT.net for a few weeks and am pretty inexperienced with it.

I'm trying to remove the graph paper like grid overlay embedded in the following image (which I believe is layerless), and was wondering what might be the most efficient and least labor intensive way to go about doing it-


Thank you for your assistance.

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This might help. You could use the clone tool, but the selection method is easier. Select (with :RectangleSelectTool: ) the area right beside the line you want to erase. I would make the selection the same width of the line. Then copy and paste, and move the selection over the line. I think this would be the best way to do it.

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Thanks. I appreciate the advice, but these issues remain.. the lines are are 2-4 pixels wide, usually with a solid color pixel and a couple of pixels that blend into the surrounding area. So copying 1 line for 1 line is not all that simple. Second, the wood grain runs on a North/South axis, and for lines that run that way, am I stuck copying and pasting nearby pixels on the east/west axis? Third, there's the issue of the lines running through the logos and other on court guidelines. Do I have to eyeball it pixel by pixel in these cases? I can't just copy a whole line and use it to cover-up the gridline, as this will noticeably degrade the continuity of the logo, on-court guideline, etc.

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If you are using the method in the tutorial that Heat Stroke linked to,

you will get a better result on this particular image by omitting

the step of using Feather Object or AA's Assistant.

Use a rectangular selection 2 - 4 pixels wide as needed.

Position the selection, press Delete, duplicate the layer,

then move the lower layer to fill the gap.

This is using the variant described under the tutorial's first Hidden Content tag.

Expect to do some pixel-by-pixel editing in areas

where there is a transition between wood and paint.

Using the Color Picker tool on the image layer,

then the Pencil tool on new layers works well for this.

Adjusting the Layer Opacity slider on the new layers makes it easy to get a good blend.

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