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Save as JPG results in bad file or crash

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Actually just figured it out for myself but thought you should know - opened a jpg, added text, multiple layers etc, saved as .PDN no probs. Then flattened and saved as .JPG, image came out half grey, subsequent attempts to save resulted in crashing and IO errors. Tried saving as .PNG as suggested elsewhere on forum, no joy. I'd attach the latest crash report but it won't let me and you probably already know what happened - saving to thumb drive for easy printing down at the photo place and ran out of room! Unfortunately did not figure this out until after a trip to the photo place and an hour frigging around with it afterwards.

So, how about putting in something to stop that happening?

Love the program otherwise - even paid for it! ($CDN tho hahahaha)




W7 Premium

T4500 @ 2.3 GHZ 3Gb

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Actually just figured it out...

So wait, what was the problem? Was the USB thumb drive bad or something? It was out of space? It should yell at you with an error when that happens, although it might be a generic error instead of, "out of space."

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