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how to change overal color

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effects>color>colorfilter should work to get it a color such as green--- color filter was made by ed harvey but it think it comes standard now--

or bucketfill, with the tollerance set low?

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SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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ahh ok my bad- i was going off what was listed in the Plugin Index by EER "

Color Filter, Color Tint, Posterize, Threshold - Ed Harvey

Included PDN v? "

but i guess i missunderstood the description

No, my mistake. The reference referred only to Posterize (I should have been more accurate with the description :roll:).

I've flagged the change for the next revision of the Index.

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-Just open your image in Paint.net and use curves:

Adjustment > curves

Select RGB for the Transfer Map and tick only the Green, then put the cursors anywhere on the left edge of the grid, click and hold then move the control point up or down till you get the desired green.

Hint: If you check all Red, Green and Blue and move the curve up and down you will get a gray tone.

-Or use Hue/Saturation:

Adjustment > Hue/Saturation

Move only Lightness to the right till you get the desired gray.

HINT: moving the Lightness all the way to the right gives you a full white color. and all the way to the left gives you a full black, this is helpful when you want to change your selection to a fully white or fully black.

There are some other methods of changing a solid color, but above are the quickest ones.

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