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FireFox 2.0 and beta


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What do you think about the new beta? I have downloaded it, and I love it, although :/ they did get rid of all my shortcuts, so thank god I was able to Upload them from recently testing Oprah. I'm not completely positive its Firefox, but I do know there is a neat little spell checker in this. And its relay handy...


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Any of you Firefox fans following the IceWeasel issue?

I'm just curious what others think of it.

For those that don't know:

The Mozilla Corp. decided that the Debian Linux distribution can no longer distribute Firefox under that name without including their non-free logo and artwork and submitting all patches to Mozilla for approval before release.

Debian has a social contract that prohibits them from distributing non-free items that forms the whole basis for their distribution. They previously had an arrangement with the Mozilla Foundation that allowed them to use the name without the non-free artwork but the new Mozilla Corporation has decided that they will no longer allow this. If you call it Firefox, you MUST use the non-free artwork.

As a result Debian has been forced to rename their Firefox. The name they chose is IceWeasel (Ice is not fire and a weasel is not a fox, thus there can be no trademark confusion).

This issue is magnified by the fact that Debian forms the basis for many other linux distributions, including the currently most popular desktop linux distro Ubuntu. This means that it's entirely possible that the Firefox brand could all but disappear on Linux (just as XFree86 has been replaced by X.org). It remains to be seen if this will have any impact on the PC side.

To make things even more confusing Gnu has FORKED Firefox and also calls their fork IceWeasel (they also forked the Mozilla Suite and call it GnuZilla.) While Debian will not use this fork in their upcoming relese (Debian's Iceweasel is just a rebranded Firefox) they have stated they will look into working with Gnu in the future.

This issue also applies to all other Mozilla projects. For example Debian has already renamed Thunderbird to IceDove and they have IceApe coming also.

Personally my primary system is a XP box and I consider myself a windows man. However I do run Debian on my old hardware and I am enjoying the flame war going on right now in the blogs between Mozilla and their fans and Debian and theirs.

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