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Hide a defect in a tooth

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hmmm...careful selection, of the matching tooth from the other side, layer/flip horrizonally, layer rotate/zoom, maybe some scale work and feathering might get you there

that would be

1) use a selection tool to carefully select the matching tooth from the other side of the mouth

2) copy the selection and paste it into new layer

3) flip that layer horizontaly

4) used the move pixel tool(blue arrow) to place it where it needs go and maybe tilt it to match, can also scale it to the right size with this tool

5) rotate/zoom layer can also help align it correctly

6) once its in place at the right angle you will need to shade it to match the neighboring teeth

7) you would then need to merge it down then make it blend with the other teeth with maybe the feather effect

someone else may have a better method


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